Golden SAND always understand that you are very interested in the personal information that you have trusted to provide us with security and use.

Golden SAND pledges that this information will be our maximum effort for security. Golden SAND ensures to use customer information in a reasonable way, considering to constantly improve the quality of services and products and give customers the best product quality and service experience at Our website.

Purpose and scope of information collection
To register for consultation and purchase, customers provide some information such as: Name, address, telephone number, email and some other information.

The registration process helps identify customer information, contact and support you throughout the process of using the product or service.

The scope of information use
Golden SAND pledges to use only information of customers to:

Management and delivery to customers.
Carry out after-sales care and support activities.
Settle complaints and disputes.
Golden SAND pledges not to share customer information with any third party except at the request of a governmental authority.

Information storage time
Your information is the key input for Golden SAND to provide and manage the right to use the service, so customer information will be stored during the Golden SAND operation.

The address of the crawler

Address: No. 18 – 20, Road 37, An Phu – An Khanh residential area, An Phu Ward, HCM

Phone: 0948003979-0986663979

Email: or

Commit to confidentiality of customer information
Golden SAND pledges to make every effort to use the best practices to protect the privacy of our customers and to ensure that such information is not stolen or disclosed unwantedly.
Golden SAND pledges not to share, sell or otherwise lease customer information to any third party.

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